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Born in Tennessee but raised in Texas, Ben McPeak started performing professionally the day after he graduated high school, and he has been at it ever since. 

Ben’s rich baritone voice showcases his country influences including Waylon Jennings and Merle Haggard, while his neo-traditional songwriting style combines the finer points of all eras in the genre.  Ben has co-written hits for Kyle Park and Tejano star Michael Salgado and recently cut six new original songs for an upcoming project with Nate Coon (drummer and producer for Aaron Watson) working behind the recording console.

McPeak says, “these new songs were inspired by a combination of great writing sessions with some of the best writers in the business and were selected from over 20 that I’d recently co-written. We were able to reign in a lot of ideas and styles and put together a great six-pack of songs.”

“The first single from the new EP is called 'Boat’ and was a title and idea brought in by my good friend and co-writing partner Steven Nix. I thought it was an opportunity to write a feel good fun song and…who doesn’t like boats and the water and the images and experiences they convey, right?  We decided to release it first because it’s an up tempo, in your face, country jam with that quintessential 90’s country music sound."

The new EP goes beyond fun. “’Tailgate Talkin’ is a favorite of mine as well. Its a story song that talks about the character’s different stages in life where his greatest memories happened sitting on the tailgate of a truck.  It’s a different perspective of a person’s “glory days” – some are on an athletic field, others on a stage of some sort, where as this character’s best times and finest memories were sitting on a tailgate.  Following along in the 90’s neo-traditional sound, “Long Stretch Of Lonesome” and “Hurry Up Whiskey” are also special to me.

Based out of the San Antonio area, Ben McPeak is constantly on the road playing public and private shows and feels at home in the Texas Music Scene.  Ben says “Texas Music, to me, is a culmination of a lot of different sounds and is a very welcoming arena where an independent artist can build a fan base and play awesome live venues across the state.  It’s like a musical brotherhood.”

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